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The most rewarding English language programme

you’ll ever teach

The Learning Experience

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Unlike many other courses, Linguaphone offers a complete English language system delivering a captivating learning experience for learners – and a more rewarding experience for teachers.

Our language system is built on tried and tested learning stages that reflect the human learning process: presenting, learning and practising. Based on a cyclical syllabus, each level comprises nine units per level, with a minimum of 90 learning hours per level. We 'recycle' the language taught to help build the student's confidence as they progress.

By combining its proven language training system with highly entertaining materials, teaching has never been such fun!

  • Highly developed methodology - designed to systematically deliver in the four skills of understanding, speaking, reading and writing
  • Pedagogical soundness – built on three major learning stages - tried and tested ways of reflecting the human learning process
  • Tried and tested syllabus – designed for maximum communication and allow students to use their English from the earliest stage, whilst systematically covering all the major elements of English grammar
  • Learner responsibility - based on the pedagogical fact that we only ever learn anything if we take responsibility for our own learning. However, in addition, Linguaphone ensures through face- to-face tuition and constant self-assessment and monitoring assessment that there is steady progress
  • Truly interactive – Integrated online multimedia resources are used throughout
  • High entertainment value – ensures you will remain motivated throughout the course

Find out here how Linguaphone will work in your centre or institution, and why Linguaphone is already the English language training company of choice for thousands of adults worldwide.

This unique teaching method from Linguaphone will help you reach your goals faster because it fits around you, increasing your skills and confidence every step of the way. So what are you waiting for - contact us today?