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English is recognised as the international language of communication, with the global English language teaching market currently believed to be worth $15 billion and growing.

Linguaphone English language system is exclusive to the Linguaphone Group, a UK-based global language training provider that has over 110 years experience in the language training market. We are now looking for new Linguaphone Unit Licensees as part of our nationwide expansion plan for the coming year.

Introducing our Linguaphone Unit Licensee programme

Similar to a Unit Franchise, this exciting Unit Licensing opportunity offers you the potential to capitalise on the lucrative English language training market in Algeria. Other international franchise opportunities can't offer you all the flexibility of our Unit Licensee opportunity. With a Linguaphone Unit License, you'll have the exclusivity and flexibility to develop the Linguaphone network within Algeria, coupled with all the business and marketing support you'd expect from an international franchise. Click here to to find out more about what makes Linguaphone unique and the business models you might employ.

By becoming part of the Linguaphone network, your business will become part of a world-leading provider of English language training for all abilities and all purposes: from young adults to corporate executives, from absolute beginners to advanced learners. With a proven history dating back to 1901 and an extensive global network of partners that is expanding all the time, you can rest assured your investment will go from strength to strength.

Linguaphone has already proved successful across the Middle East, Europe and Asia in markets as diverse as Jordan, France, Malaysia and India. We are now looking to appoint new Unit Licensees within Algeria, who are enthusiastic and hard-working and keen to reap the rewards.

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