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From day one, you'll be learning and practising your English language skills through a unique combination of personal study, online learning, tutorials and conversation classes. Our programmes cover everyday scenarios from shopping, socialising and travelling - all making sure you learn real English for the real world, whatever your lifestyle!

Unique to Linguaphone, our Direct English beginner level course materials have the option to be bilingual to ensure you are focused on learning English without having to struggle to understand what it is you are learning and why. As a result, you'll maximise your comprehension of the language skills acquired, as well as build that all-important confidence you need to speak it.

Each level of our course covers a wide range of learner resources to keep you interested and motivated. Developed exclusively by leading English language and education specialists, and designed for use within your local Linguaphone training centre and at home - a new, upgraded edition of our corpus has just been released.

Integral to the Linguaphone system is unlimited access to Linguaphone Online: our unique, multimedia online learning portal that will allow you to practice you English wherever and whenever you choose