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Get more out of life when you learn English
with Linguaphone

Learning English? We'll make your journey easier

There are many important skills to learn in life, but there is one you cannot afford to overlook: the ability to communicate fluently in English. People learn English with us for so many reasons: to help them get the most out of a trip abroad, for career reasons or simply to learn a new skill. Whatever the reason, over the next 10-15 years it is projected that two billion people across the globe will be learning it. Shouldn't you be one of them?

You want learning English to be an enjoyable experience, but you also lead a busy life, which makes it difficult for you to find the time to undertake a traditional language course. You don't want to cut back on your other social activities - so what can you do?

Linguaphone has the answer: a complete language learning system designed for busy people like you, it offers a flexible, effective way to learn English while broadening your social and business horizons at the same time.

English language courses for everyone

We know everyone is unique with different learning styles, abilities and requirements. That's why we can tailor our courses to your individual needs and abilities rather than to a group of students.

From the very first moment you step into a Linguaphone centre, you're drawn into an environment that's lively, friendly and stimulating. As part of our unique offering, you're encouraged to relax with other students in our social area, attend English language films, talks and debates, or socialise at regularly organised events . So you'll make new friends while you learn English - a skill that could open up countless new personal and professional opportunities for you.

Our learning methodology and personal approach is based on a system that revolves around you. We treat you as an individual - we get to know you, what level of English you want to achieve and by when, what interests and motivates you, and your reasons for learning English. Just as importantly, we firmly believe you learn faster when you enjoy what you are doing. That's why, with Linguaphone, you will be given every opportunity to practice your newly acquired skills with proficient English speakers and fellow learners. Simply put, you will learn conversational English in the most natural, fun and effective way possible.