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Start your journey to success with us

Every student enrolling on a Linguaphone course will have a personalised study plan prepared to suit your objectives and experience. When you start learning English with us, you'll also have access to the following activities:-

  • Level placement test - The start of your journey with us will involve a 15 minute computer placement test to establish your current level of English. This will help ensure that you start at the level you feel comfortable with
  • Face-to-face tutorials - Key to your success in learning English, these classes are delivered by your own experienced, qualified and bilingual tutor, who will help you check and review your comprehension and understanding throughout your studies
  • Conversation classes - Delivered by a proficient English speaking instructor, these fun, interactive sessions focus on practising and expressing yourself in English, in a communicative way. You'll find yourself discussing everything from politics and art to business and travel with students of a similar level and ability. And all with the help of a supportive tutor who actively encourages you to put your new-found skills to the test in a fun and sociable environment
  • Regular testing - Undertaken every three units and a perfect opportunity for you and your tutor to review your progress and identify areas for development moving forward. Our regular progress tests help fine tune your English and make sure you have really understood what you have learned so you can move on to the next stage with confidence
  • Linguaphone Online - Linguaphone Online is our learning management system which allows our students to practice English whenever and where ever you are in the world. Complete with an interactive fluency building programme, Linguaphone Online will allow you to hear and develop your listening skills in real time conversations. You can practice as much as you like, at home or in your local Linguaphone centre through our interactive online activities and quizzes. There's also a range of online tests so you can track your progress and understanding throughout your time with us
  • Social activities - An important element of the Linguaphone ethos, is that we believe that learning English should be fun. That's why many of our partners worldwide have an active social programme involving cinema and restaurant visits and sightseeing trips. It's geared to help you have every opportunity to practice and develop the English learning skills you've acquired
  • Residential study abroad programme - Offering even more opportunities for students to learn English in the real world, this optional programme provides a chance for you to travel to the UK to complement your studies. Find out more about the Linguaphone Study Abroad programme here

Whatever the size or complexity of your organisation, Linguaphone can also be delivered as part of an in-company language training programme.