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About Linguaphone

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Linguaphone Algeria is part of the Linguaphone Group, the world's leading language training provider.

Through a global network of over 200 language training centres in 25 countries, Linguaphone provides classroom-based English language programmes as well as a wide range of distance-learning language courses for adults. To find out more click here.

Established over 110 years ago, Linguaphone has been a pioneer in the field of language learning and its unique methodology has helped thousands of people learn the vital international language of business and communication - English. As our network and client base continues to grow, we expand with a single clarity of purpose - to help people around the world better understand and communicate with one another!

Assisted Learning English Language Courses

Under the Direct English and Linguaphone brand names, Linguaphone offers a range of tutor-supported adult English language courses for the corporate executive to the general consumer, for the beginner to the advanced learner.

Our unique learning system has been developed by internationally renowned academic and learning experts. It combines world-class course material which can be used for personal study combined with a programme of tutorials, conversation classes, multimedia classes, online learning and social activities.

It's a fully integrated system that is tailor-made to your individual needs to ensure you quickly and confidentally progress through your studies, speaking English from day one.

Distance Learning Courses

Linguaphone is recognised the world over as the pioneer in distance-learning language training

We know that anyone who can speak one language has the ability to learn another. From our early beginnings in 1901 to the present day, we have a proud history of assisting people to learn a language of their choice based on our proven method - Listen, Understand, Speak.

It's a method that has helped mililons of people in 60 countries around the world speak a new language in a natural and effective way.

Linguaphone in Algeria

In 2007, IN-tuition SARL was appointed the Algerian Master Licensee for the Linguaphone Group, offering Linguaphone and Direct English branded programmes at its training facilities in Hydra, Algiers and since 2012 at the brand new Linguaphone Centre in Oran. Linguaphone currently delivers English courses throughout the Algerian territory by working in-company with a wide range of corporate clients.

In 2013, further expansion plans are in place to open another Linguaphone training centre in Constantine, as well as launching unit licensee partnerships throughout the whole country.

Worldwide success

Linguaphone, from the Linguaphone Group has made learning English easy and accessible for adults of all ages and abilities across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. What's more, no English language knowledge is necessary, so why wait contact us today?